Let the Adventure Begin!

Exploring nature, breathing in life, and embracing yourself is what we’re all about at Swimmysuits. We set out to provide swimwear that would allow our customers to live their best lives.

The world has been a different place this past while, and it has given us space to sit back and reflect on how we want to move forward. A chance to redefine who we are and what we stand for has opened up. As such, we wanted to make the right choice, the better choice.

Going forward, Swimmysuits will not only be sourcing bold colors, beautiful prints, and impeccable design, but also suits that stand for something. Swimsuits that use sustainable fabrics, are made ethically, and give back. Going forward we will be partnering with brands that not only look and feel amazing on, but also help make our world a greener, happier place. 

Thank you for sticking with us during this important turning point. Loving the ocean should go hand in hand with caring for the ocean - so let's invest in quality suits that allow us and the water we swim in to thrive.

And as always, the best part of a swimsuit is how you feel in it! That’s why we believe in rocking what you got and owning it. May you soak up the sun, breath in the salt air, and love the adventure ahead! Xoxo